Humanity Innovation and Social Practice

In the arena of global competition, societies pursue economic development. However, following this has been widening of the rich/poor gap, severe damage to our eco-environment, stagnation in democratic development, and other negative phenomena. Compared to the technological R&D practiced in the science and engineering and biomedical fields, and the practical adacemics model used in industry/academia cooperation and participation in economic production, through concept innovation and social practice the humanities and social sciences can provide effective solutions in response to the negative effects of socio-economic development, more proactively moving toward heightened flexibility and more suitable innovative models of social welfare value. Thus, we use clean, pure white as the website’s primary color tone, matches with sky-blue navigation keys for visual balance. A convenient back-end file upload mode is utilized, allowing the addition of new information at any time. These are collocated with an e-paper, blog system, and RSS feeds with convenient user subscription.



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